Real Estate in Ghana

Overview of Real Estate in Ghana

The demand for real estate in Ghana will only continue to rise with a balloning 2 million housing units deficit. This request is a great investment opportunity for both Ghanaians and foreigners who want to call Ghana home. Ghanaians have a great return and value to pay.

Alongside Ghana’s continued infrastructural development, its safe business and its growing global appeal, it is evident that the property industry is determined to promote the nation and is the dream of an investor.

However, it is important to have a good understanding of the real estate market in Ghana before investing in real estate. That is what this immobilisation industry overview does. This is a good starting point for helping both investors and seekers navigate the property in Ghana, from real estate developers in Ghana such as Devtraco, to the types of houses in Ghana and the major players in the property of Ghana.

Players in Ghana’s Real Estate
Real Estate Developers
Investment Opportunities

Popular Neighbourhoods
Challenges to Real Estate in Ghana

Ghana Real Estate Players

Ghana’s immobilien is a good starting point for understanding the main actors and their processes and their impact on the industries. The players mean immobilisers, developers, homeowners, landowners and the tools available for discovery and trade. This includes immobilisers.

Real Estate Agents

In many ways, the Ghana immobiliary sector is supported by immobilisers. Developers and property owners are counting on you to quickly sell and rent property for a fee. Seekers rely upon them to find properties which correspond to their tastes and budgets. Platforms for listing rely on them to increase their real estate portfolio. Researchers must get a sense of the people they want, how much they are willing to spend, the neighbourhoods they are looking for and ultimately, thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience, agents can determine prices, specifically for households.

There is no Ghana real estate agent officially recognised. Instead, the recognition is lobbied by two principal bodies. These are the Association of Professional Immobiliers in Ghana and the Association of Immobiliary Brokers in Ghana. They work to be official licencing and training bodies in an effort to provide sanitation, which can become an agent.

Our first priority as a realtor is to bring our customers happiness.

Real Estate Developers in Ghana

Residential estate developers are the best way for searchers seeking good roads, 24-hour security and basic amenities in well-planned communities. Examples of this include developments like Devtraco’s Nova Plus and Henrietta’s Residence.

Residential buildings are usually confined, have uniform designs and are often in Ghana’s luxury homes. House development is also best considered for mortgages because it is well organised and works with banks and home financiers

Landlords & Homeowners

Many Ghanaians prefer to build their own houses than to buy. While this is on the decline thanks to the superior quality, planning and options offered by developers, these individuals remain an important part of Ghana’s real estate mix.

On the other hand, old building and land is acquired and redeveloped by developers in prominent neighbourhoods. In cases where the project has not been redeveloped, these homeowners who are outside Ghana rely, in order to manage the facilities or the rental process, on property management services like Talis Property or real estate agents.

Demand for upscale immovables, a booming property market and a friendly investor market are some of the reasons why Ghana is a top investment destination for real estate.

Investment Opportunities

To this end, Ghana’s real estate investments have different options. These include Buy-to-Let, Residential, Retail, house purchasing and selling, land purchase and retail,

In Ghana, there are various possibilities to invest in property. These include buy-to-let properties, development of residential and retail properties, REITs, house flipping, house purchases and sales, land flips,

Buying and Selling (House Flipping)

It is simple. This. Investors purchase and resell properties at a lesser cost to cover new upgrades at a higher cost. Houses are called flipping to improve their value. Thus, investors basically flip houses in order to increase their value and profit after they sell.

Property Development

This has a high level of capital and is often reserved for companies like Devtraco Limited. Investors are exploring the property market with this type of investment, in order to determine the best areas and type of homes and communities. The properties are sold for profit once that is done. Detailed research is important so that a loss does not become so much after the investment. It is important.

This is not limited to housing developments alone. Request for retail areas such as malls and especially leisure and leisure areas such as the Devtraco Courts A1 Raceway is growing.

As the city grows and more people enter it, new facilities to accommodate them are imperative. This is something that skillful investors can capitalise on to build business and leisure space for the population and generate significant returns.

However, Accra is not the only city that expands. The next two most populous cities in Ghana are limited formal retail centres, according to the Ghana Investment Promotions Council, Kumasi and Takoradi. Just recently, Kumasi has established a mall of 18,000 square metres, with a retail floor area. Further regional developments have opportunities.

Top Neighbourhoods

The location is all about real estate. Various factors affect Accra’s most wanted neighbourhoods, such as easy access, safety, proximity to amenities, power, water and internet coverage.

Below are several neighbourhoods with everything you need and which are most attractive to seekers.

  • Airport Residential Area
  • Cantonments (see Acasia)
  • East Legon
  • Labone
  • Dzorwulu (see the Niyo)
  • Roman Ridge (see NoVA Plus)
  • North Ridge
  • Tema Community 25 (see Devtraco Courts)
  • East Airport
  • Tse-Addo

Emerging Neighbourhoods

There are a number of previously unearthed neighbourhoods undergoing a wave of change. The creation of gated communities is being carried out by developers including Swami India, Westhills Ridge Limited, Mobus Property and Regimanuel Gray Limited. These are the most emerging areas:

East Legon Hills

Don’t be deluded. Don’t be deluded. The name may have you believe, this area isn’t close to the beloved East Legon. It lies in an area called Santeo or Katamanso between Ashaley Botwe and Tema, depending on who you are asking. Among these developments are Swami India’s Paradise Estate, Mobus Property’s Richfield estate and Regimanuel Gray’s Eagles Place.


Since West Hills Mall and other commercial and recreational services began establishing this neighbourhood, residential appeal has been growing. Also demand in the vicinity was driven by relatively low housing costs here. The two developments that serve the housing needs of Westhills Ridge’s Eden Heights and the Fortune City of Sunda Internationals.


Oyibi is a settlement along the Accra-Dodowa road. It’s famous for Valley View University and most recently, Appolonia City of Light. Appolonia is a mixed-use development being developed by Rendeavour.

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